4 Ways Technology Improves Employee Experience

Do you consider employee experience your priority? Are you aware that most employees are planning to leave their companies because of the Organizations' inability to meet their expectations? This probably tells you that it's time for companies to consider employee experience at the forefront. 

Why Should Organizations Focus on Employee Experience?

While you may have substantial customer experience systems (and aptly so), employee experience is usually considered an unfortunate necessity or otherwise not considered. However, focusing on one without the other can be equated to filling a bucket with a hole in the side - because your employee experience strongly affects your customer experience, as well as employee engagement, retention, performance, and development. The wrong technology, however, can cripple the productivity of the Organization.


Tips to Use Technology to Improve Employee Experience 

1. Adopt Flexibility and Use Customized Intranet 

The best approach is digitalization and integrating your communication and collaboration tools with a modern intranet that can be customized to how your organisation works. A genuinely flexible digital workplace will be "active all the time," provide an enterprise-level search experience and make collaboration second nature from any location or device.

2. Prioritize Employee Feedback and Act On It 

With the improved social conversation about harassment and misconduct in past years, it is also critical that employees believe they can take a stand about any such circumstances in a way that will not only be heard but also consciously acknowledged and resolved. Fortunately, digital tools now make it simple to collect employee feedback on a large and individual scale. Analyzing and responding to customer needs will promote a positive culture of transparency, allowing employees to remain invested and engaged in their roles.

3. Simplify the frustrating processes 

Processes are automated and improved, making onboarding easier, HR processes more efficient, and there are fewer mistakes and confusions to resolve. Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and SAP Jam have been shown to make collaboration easier, which employees appreciate.

4. Personalize Digital Channels for Employee Development 

Professional growth and upskilling are crucial elements of the employee experience because the last thing you want is for employees to feel stuck in their roles. On the other hand, career development typically requires a significant amount of time and resources to manage through in-person processes, and a one-size-fits-all approach can frequently leave employees struggling or bored. Webinars and personalised eLearning modules are the way forward for many organisations seeking efficient and effective professional development.


Applying technology that highlights these critical aspects of the employee experience generates a robust and collaborative growth culture, allowing any organisation to acclimate and empower its employees. When selecting a performance management system to improve employee experience,  use a flexible technology that facilitates both traditional and agile approaches and allows you to improve your processes gradually.


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