Motivational Speeches in Telugu - Goal Setting by Gampa Nageshwer Rao - IMPACT: Programme for Students and Unemployed

IMPACT: Programme for Students and Unemployed

Young Adults mainly Graduates as part of this would be trained in topics like Self Image, Communication Skills, Effective Decision Making, Interview Techniques, Human Relations, Leadership, Etiquettes, Goal Setting, Time Management, Team Building, Effective Public Speaking, Effective Negotiation Skills, Effective Memory Techniques, Motivation, Health and Hygiene, Stress Management, Creativity and many more

The sessions was conducted by eminent Trainers from Junior Chamber International and other Trainers of repute like Dr. B.V. Pattabhiram, Mr. Yandamoori Veerendranath, Dr. Warlu, Mr. Harinder Singh, Mr. Sunil Kumar Rumalla, Mr. K.V. Pradeep, Mr. Ramana Gudipati, Mr. Bal Reddy, Mr. Bhoga Raju, Mr. Sreeram, Mr. G.V.N. Raju, Dr. P.T. Sundaram, Mr. Rafi, Mr. Satya Nagesh, Mr. V.S. Sudhakar, Mr.Vangapalli Vishwanadham, Mr. Vishesh, Mr. Venu Bhagwan, JESSY NAIDU and many Trainers of repute.

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This event supervised by GAMPA NAGESHWER RAO

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