How to choose a soccer ball?

If you have an idea to purchase such a football attribute as a ball for yourself or as a gift, then this article is for you. It turns out that not everything is so simple in this process, because there are a lot of different criteria you should pay attention to. We will tell you how to choose a proper soccer ball among the huge range of possible options.

So, let's start, perhaps, with the classic classification of soccer balls. Although this classification is conditional, it is often used today. Basically, it depends on the level of the player, as well as on the purpose for which the ball is used. By the way, if you want more football predictions, we recommend subscribing to the specified site using the link.

There are such types of soccer balls:

Professional ball. It is obvious that such a ball is used by the professional football players at the highest level. That is, it is designed for any conditions and has a corresponding certificate. Therefore, if you are looking for a ball for professional football, in particular for playing matches, then this type of ball is what you need. Such balls are tested, and the best ones are marked with the “FIFA Approved” sign. No wonder, the price for them is the highest. Adidas, Select, Nike, etc. are especially popular. You can buy a soccer ball of this category only in the official stores of these companies.

Match ball. Also suitable for meets on different fields and for games at a professional level. It also may be marked "FIFA Approved" and "FIFA Inspected". It is very durable and second only to professional in terms of price. Often used at the amateur level. The characteristics of such a ball have all the data for a quality game.

Training ball. These balls are designed for training, so they are cheaper than the previous ones. Most are made of synthetic materials with the use of heat treatment. Perhaps the most common of all types of soccer balls. Training balls are played in yard football, so you can buy a ball of this type at any point of sale of sporting goods.

Futsal ball. The same as professional, only with a smaller radius. Futsal balls are slightly heavier and have less bounce than regular balls.

Soccer ball size and weight

How to choose a soccer ball of the proper size and weight, given the age of the player? There are three groups for this:

  • For players of up to 8 years old, a ball with dimensions up to 60 cm and weight of 311 to 340 g is recommended.
  • For players from 8 to 12 years old - a ball with dimensions from 62.5 to 65 cm and weight from 340 to 368 g.
  • Players over 12 years old can use the balls suitable for matches of all levels with circumference from 67.5 to 70 cm, and weight from 396 to 453 g. If you are fond of sports betting, we recommend that you go to the rating of sports betting sites and choose a reliable bookmaker.

As for tips on choosing a ball, you should carefully study this topic before making a purchase, namely, what the ball is made of. Therefore, we offer you our selection of tips:

  • Pay attention to the coating material.
  • Don't forget to ask about the lining.
  • Find out what material the bladder of a soccer ball is made of.

We hope our tips will be useful to you and recommend to consider buying a ball carefully. Choose a soccer ball depending on your goals and means.



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