How Handicap Betting in Poker Works

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Poker remains one of the most popular card games on the planet. More and more casino visitors choose this game to play against a virtual opponent or croupier and get a well-deserved win if they are lucky. Since the roots of the game go back centuries, it is not surprising that more and more casino visitors are trying to learn its secrets.

To get an additional advantage, also called a handicap, you need to choose the right strategy. On the site, you can check your luck at every opportunity. Its catalog contains the most interesting varieties of poker, where you can spend more than one exciting evening. Parimatch is always happy to offer its players valuable bonuses, fast payouts, and the best software from trusted gambling developers.

Continuum bet (C-bet)

Speaking about what bets are better to use while playing at the poker table, it is worth noting such a format as C-bet. In this case, the player has a certain advantage, as he bets from a raise before the flop, which helps to make a strong hand. The continuation bet is one of the most common bets among poker players. Even if a player doesn't have enough experience, they are very likely to continue betting after a raise when the game goes preflop. This approach is valuable because it creates a lot of pressure on the opponent. If the latter thinks that he cannot win, the player who chose the C-bet strategy will instantly receive a payout, even if in practice his hand turned out to be not so strong.

Other interesting betting strategies include:

  • underbet;

  • overbet;

  • 3bet (re-raise).

Poker players with minimal betting experience are well aware that the size of the bet matters a lot. An overbet involves a bet based on mathematical probability. In this case, the size of the bet must correspond to the level of the pot and the player must not bet more than the number of chips that are already on the table.


Half the pot - the maximum bet that the player psychologically agrees to. Why is it important to save a portion of the amount? This will allow you to win back in case of defeat, as well as continue to build up the bank. At the same time, a large bet can often confuse an opponent, causing him to doubt his hand.

Tribet (re-raise)

This betting format occurs when one of the players raises and the other re-raises. A 3-bet usually occurs pre-flop. If a player 3bets, it confirms his strength. The format of the bet indicates going beyond the limits of the open raise, so for insecure players, this is the best signal that it is time to give up.

Value Bet

You can use such a bet in poker in several situations. In the first case, the player adheres to the concept of a bluff. For this reason, his value bet should force his opponent to abandon the idea of ​​continuing the game. Also, the bet is made by those who are confident in their hand and want the opponent to equalize the bets.

Bank-sized bet

For beginners, this strategy looks quite risky, but experienced gamblers resort to it regularly. At the poker table, players usually bet up to 30-50 percent of the size of the pot. The most serious poker players can increase the bet by up to 70 percent of the pot. Those who are willing to risk everything make pot-sized bets.



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