Underwater Hotel - The Utter Inn, Sweden

Just below the surface of Sweden’s Lake Malaren, there is something waiting for you! It’s not a scary mutant fish, though. In fact, it’s a one-room underwater hotel.

Utter Inn is an exclusive offer for those who want to have a rest and feel the pleasure of the nature. It is a typical Swedish red house located on the surface of the water. It has only one room with two beds and a table. This strange whim was conceived by Mikael Genberg, a local artist and sculptor, who wanted to give something unique to the public.Although it opened on the coldest day of the summer of 2000, the hotel attracted people’s attention.

After arriving in the Swedish port of Vasteras, guests are taken across the lake and given the use of an inflatable boat. From there, they are on their own (unless they opt for the deluxe package, in which case their dinner will arrive on another boat later).

From the top of the hotel, guests are free to swim, sunbathe or make their way over to the lake’s uninhabited island before retiring to their own, personal bedroom/aquarium. This one-off hotel really gives its guests the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation.
What makes Utter Inn special is that people can seclude from the noisy world and be surrounded only by water and fish. When guests arrive at the port of Vasteras, they are taken to the hotel and given an inflatable boat. If they prefer deluxe accommodation, someone can deliver dinner by boat in the evening. Otherwise they are left alone during their whole stay.

Utter Inn is also the place where you can overcome your fears. Those who are brave enough can swim, use the inflatable boat to go to an uninhabited island or watch the fish downstairs. If you decide to spend the night 3 meters under the surface of the lake, you will be able to feel the pleasure of being surrounded by fish as you are in an aquarium. When you learn to control your fears, you will feel better, steadier and more alive.

Guests spend their time watching the sunset, passing boats, sunbathing and so on. They are guaranteed new emotions, adventures and an unforgettable stay.
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