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India the Leader and No.1

Do we know in which place does India it stands in corruption and or in which place it stands in place in poverty… saying this why should we get disappointed. We cannot forget the achievements and success the milestones we have crossed. In many of the things India now stands no.1 and became one of the global leaders. Let’s memorize all the victories once again.

Don’t be in a habit of saying “India is one of the developing nations in the financial system” and push back our great nation’s achievement to the corner where we tend to forget to think our achivements. The mentality of the movie director’s showing the slums in the dirtiest format and bagging Oscar awards might not be a great achievement and apart from it showing poverty from normal way to worst form and en-cashing has to be stopped for once and all. Crossing all the limits of poverty, illiteracy, population, corruption, political benefits it is gaining importance throughout the world in some other fields let us have look what our great nation achieved.

For this matter the victory did not come all of a sudden or without asking for, nor did it came by the blow of a wind. India, struggled a lot in correcting its mistakes, standing firmly sweating hard and a fire in the heart and a desire to win.

It became unmatched power and brands either be it coal, liquor, costliest diamond, cheapest car rather we can say common man’s car, it may be the business of milk, or gold. And there are many fields which makes our great nation stands first in the international market.

If we sit and think for a while, we are completely forgetting and ignoring the achievements gained by our great country. Come awake lets completely give look and recollect the achievements.

The main filed or industry which pushed India to lime light in international market is coal. In the world market Coal India emerged in the first position. From the domestic leader to leading global player in the thermal energy sector by practices. Started in 1975 and it stood in the first position in getting coal from the mines to a larger extent. Coal India is one of the government sectors regarded as a gem. In the national market the major portion of coal comes from coal India i.e., 81.1%. It has been noticed that yearly four hundred million tons of coal is being dug from the coalmine. It is the only government sector which has large scale of employees working all the time to get the coal. It has a good reputation in the stock market also. It has benefited people who invested in the shares of coal India. In 2010 when it came to Initial Public Offering the share of Coal India was rated as 15.28 when subscribed, this has also become a major achievement in the coal industry. When it registered in the share market it has recorded 40% more than the listing price. Some sector of people repented they could have invested in coal rather than in Gold.

Even now India stands first in place of Thermal Power sector. Out 86 Thermal power stations 82 are dependent on Coal India. The normal bulb which is used for household purpose also needed coal. For that the coal India has to dig for coal. Not only for power but we have to salute the “God of wealth” which brought accolades and records in the field of coal.

Indians are said to give value for sentiments. And when it comes to gold, people who plan for the future, people who save for future, give importance to beauty and the list goes on. And all this is the reason just to support their interest on gold or gold ornaments. It is believed that that India has about 18,000 tons of gold. With the returns of storage gold either in the form of interest it is said that in 100 years the interests of Americans having gold can also be fulfilled.
As Indians believe that buying Gold as good omen this might be might be another reason for the above sited reason. The interest for gold is such that they are not willing to sell even if the rate of gold increases by leaps and bounds. Special occasions like Akshaya thritiya, Dantherass the Gold Jewellery shops have full business. It is a known fact that the Gold Shop is flooded with people. Now there has been an increase in number of people showing interest in I-gold. And India stands first place in buying large volume of gold and China equals the position. In the international market only India claims 27%.


Once there was a fear among people internationally that if anything they want to buy and they see the tag “Made in India”. The reason is that there is a fear that it will be of substandard quality. And there pressure on government to remove tag. But, in the mean time there has been lot of change as most of the Indian products are being marketed and it has made place for itself. India stands in No.1 position in exporting of some of the miscellaneous and lower price products like biscuits and coconut oil.

A simple example can be given for this “An advertisement of Parle-G where the people compare themselves with the picture of chubby and cute face of children on the cover”. In Mumbai, parle was being produced in Vile Parle in the year 1929. But the manufacturing of biscuits started in the year 1939. That’s how it has gained the importance. It has to be noted as a great achievement of India that not only to South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC- Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, Afghanistan) but also it exports this biscuits to countries like America, Europe, Africa. The achievement is such that it has made a mark in selling this brand product globally.

According to the survey conducted it is proven fact that Chinese are regarded as “biscuit lovers” and consume biscuit more. And India has emerged as the largest producing “Parle-G” biscuit nation. And in the domestic oil i.e., coconut oil market “Parachute” made its name national and internationally by making itself in the first position.
It marked First place not only in the miscellaneous and lower price products but it is also sowing wonders in engineering field. And in internationally manufacturing of towers, KIC international stands first. Nano Car has made a separate milestone, as it proved to be the cheapest and common man’s car. And “Akash Notebook” also made its mark in the international market too.

“Do we need any evidence to prove more about our achievements”?

Worlds Liquor Business
Mr. Edward Dyer came to India as an employee of East India Company. He could adjust to the hot Indian weather, and was not bothered about the problem he faced with the local language. He did not give much importance to be above problem. But, he could not resist himself without liquor – Scotch, Whisky. And he could get large amount of whisky for daily use. The English people who came to India before him too faced the same problem what Edward had faced. These problems gave him a new thought of making good quality “scotch”. For that he was searching for a place where the weather is more or less equal to Scotland, that’s when he came to know about the importance of Simla. After a thorough study of the place he started importing the products needed for the Liquor. In 1820 the making of liquor started. And the next liquor baron merged was Mr. Viya Malya and now he is the largest producer with, India now their globally. “Scotish” is being exported globally gained recognition.
Worlds Liquor Business
Global TATA’s
The famous quote goes “Selling ice to Eskimos.” We Indians achieved so much name, fame and reputation that we started hiring the Foreigners (British) who ruled us sometime past. The Tata’s who spread their business from salt to Iron industries has made itself an undisputed king not only in India it has rose to higher levels and stood in first position in Britain too. About 40% of employment is from manufacturing unit. And the British Aerospace was limited to second position. To export to Britain the Tata’s has made arrangements for a public relations system, now which has grown to leaps and bounds and made itself undisputed organization there.

It has been already a leading in the software company like “Tata Consultancy Services”, Currently it is employing nearly 4000 employees in Great Britain. Jaguar Land Rover (informally JLR) is a British multinational automotive company owned by Tata Motors of India. Apart from these the Tetley Tea, Koras like organization was taken over by the Tatas which is giving employment opportunities to the Britain People.

Two years back i.e., in the year December 2010 this Tata Group firm Tata Chemicals has brought 100% stake in BRITISH SALT LIMITED-A United Kingdom based chemical company that produces white salt, for £93 million or 673 corers. And Tata’s are Number one position firm, where people would like to invest. And the most prestigious and famous Chain of hotels in Asia – Taj Group also belongs to Tata.

Mr. Ratan Tata is known to be the most coolest person in work place and to the employees has lost his cool when he noticed the work style of the British people. He was so irate that he said “You have to learn how to struggle, and work dedicated like Indian managers” and warned them and there was also news that he removed some from the jobs too. The British people who dominated the Indians for 60 years are now working under an Indian. This might be regarded is a direct win for Tata and an Indirect win for the India and the Tata’s did not stop here. In Ireland, Indian born Irish Mr. Palonji Mistry, don’t had won lot of accolades. Cyrus Mistry who will be Ratan Tata’s successor and he is the son of Palonji Mistry.
Global TATA’s

We serve you better
When “Global service location index” was announced last year India is standing in First position. Countries like America will remember to think about India when it comes to outsourcing. And apart from this other countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt are struggling hard and giving a tough competition. Even though there are many countries giving a tough completion India stands first and maintaining the standards. The standards might be of many reasons lets recollect some of them are there is no match for standard of communication or intelligence. This is due to the reputed educational institutes which give high value for the educational system. Our emolument is less when we compare with the international market. The cheaper emolument might be another reason the outsourcing countries to think of India and for the setting up of call centers to software projects in India. It has been proved that more number of “Grade A” employees is in India, Bangalore rather than Singapore. Grade A employees are referred to Individual Contributor. Generally Grade A Employees follow Standard of work routines, work under close supervision. Even though there was financial crisis we have maintained our Number one position.
We serve you better

Diamond Determination
Commonly in India we do have a saying that “Cut the Diamond with diamond”. But the real problem is that cutting crude gold is not easy task. Sharpening or giving shining to the gold is more difficult task. The beauty of gold lies in the workmanship of the person. To get the glittering or shape for the crude diamond a person has to struggle hard, need patience and handling delicacy of the diamond. It has been scientifically proved that all the said qualities are found in the DNA of the Indian. After having given the required shape and shining it reenters the world market. Diamond can come from any part of the countries ore but 70% of the shaping and shining is done in India only.
There are competition from countries like Israel and Belgium. The greatness of India can be recalled with a few lines. There was a situation that people cannot distinguish between the normal stone and the precious stone. India is the first nation which introduced diamond and stands first in the place for its workmanship of cutting and giving shining.

Places like Mumbai, Surat, Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad and other places they started as a small scale industry later on they developed using sophisticated machine tools and techniques and expanded themselves to large scale business.

According to recent survey, it has been revealed that yearly 1.41 lakh crore of valued diamond is being exported in the market which given shape and glittering shine in India. Last year census says that that India itself has given shape and shining to the 16.5% of diamonds which went into the market. For this 95% of expertise workmanship is from India. In countries like America, Japan and China there was a huge demand for diamond. As diamond lasts longer throughout life and India’s place too.
Diamond Determination
Milk Production
As mother feeds the baby with milk likewise India supplies milk to most of the nations. In the dairy farming industry India stands in the First Position. And 15% of the milk is being produced by India. Dairy farming is not new to us. From the age of Vedas we have been doing this. During the Vedas age the status of man is recognized with the amount of cattle he has been raring. And there was a period when the great sages used to do penance for the cattle. And there was also a stage kings used to fight for the cattle. The experts opine that if the census is taken for cows and buffalos India will occupy the first position. “Amul”- has introduced the strength of the milk to the general public. Nearly 37 countries are exporting Rs.150 crores worth milk into the market. In the coming 10 years India’s milk production will increase to three times more. Compared to America the maintenance of Dairy farming is cheaper in India. This might be the reason for milk production in India is profitable.
When compared to other countries the production of milk is less because, the farmers did not concentrate on the developmental activities and it has affected more. With the reasons cited above no one could not stop India’s position in the dairy farming production.
Milk Production
Sugar Production
As everyone knows when one gives good news we used to say “spoonful of sugar in your mouth”. When there is a social gathering either it is a family occasion or friends meet we used to share sweets when sweets are not available we used to have sugar. The other traditional practice is that Indians used to have sweet after their food or at least sugar. And other nations Indians are regarded as sweet lovers. And the sweet has become part of their life. Usage of sugar by Indians is in lions share and next is China. If we take into some observation of sugar production globally 15% of the sugar is consumed by the Indians. And we occupied second place in the production of sugar. If we combine all the sugar produced by the States like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh it will be of 95%. After cloth industry sugar industry is giving more employment to the people. “Really this is the sweetest news”.

Management Guru
Companies like City Group, Pepsi, and Motrola who are regarded as international brands all are managed by the Indians. Let’s have a deeper look Mr.Vkram Pandit is the CEO of City Group. Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi , Indian-American business executive and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo. Sanjay Jha the chairman of the Motorola has achieved the name and fame internationally. Internationally recognized. The international fame management thinker’s list one of our Indian C K Prahalad has achieved the valuable position. The introduction of importance Core competencies goes to him only. Another Indian Ramcharan achieved the name and fame of “CEO Coach”. Vijay Govindarajan Chief Innovation consultant for GI has contributed his efforts. The importance of introducing “Reverse Innovation” to the management. Rakesh Khurana who belongs to the Haward Business School has attained the name of having leadership qualities. The Foreign management consultants take a good depth knowledge in Economics , Bhagavathgeetha, Mahabaratham for improving their management techniques. The words like Guru, Karma, Thapsya have become commonly used words for the Foreign Management practitioners.
Management Guru

Final words….
As we have our own importance likewise we have our own boundaries. If keenly observe we can say that the Microsoft Office in India will be like heart to Microsoft. The total success of Google will be purely based on Google India. The famous companies like GI after lot of analysis have set up their research –improvement office in India. All these achievements cannot be ruled out for as a step to success. Till now we have gave been gained fame and prosperity as followers. But, what about like leaders?
  • Till now why we could not able to step a company which can give a tough competition to Google.
  • Why we could not able to design an equivalent product which can match for I Phone.
All these because in inventing we are lagging behind. And remained as a outsourcing unit. The reason could be we cannot able to judge properly or might be we ignored to see the future prospects in innovations. But, these things cannot be taken as a total failure. If we could cross those limits we could stand always first only in particular field but, in all business we could be always FIRST.


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