Transit of Venus - Spectacular show for the last time until 2117 - Century's last transit of Venus

It is the last chance of your life to catch one of the rarest cosmic spectacles - Venus slowly crossing the face of the sun.

The much-awaited cosmic event -- the transit of the Venus, the last for this century, will occur today, giving sky lovers all over the country an opportunity to witness the celestial phenomenon.

Transit of the Venus is a rare eclipse during which the planet passes between the Earth and the Sun. The planet will appear as a black spot gliding across the fiery face of the sun, Nehru Planetarium director N Rathnasree said today.
After June six, the next Venus transit will happen after 105.5 years in 2117, making this a lifetime's event, Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators (SPACE) Director C B Devgun said.

From the Earth, this phenomenon is seen when the Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth. It occurs in intervals of 8, 121½, 8, 105½ and 8 years, Devgun said.

The phenomenon should be seen only through solar filters, special solar glasses or with the help of pin hole cameras, secretary of Planetary Society of India N Sri Raghunandan Kumar said.

The last transit of Venus occurred on June 8, 2004 and it was visible across India.

This time, the starting phase of the event called 'Ingress Exterior' will only be visible in India. It can be seen after sunrise for about 5 hours 30 minutes for the observers in the east of the country to about 4 hours 30 minutes for those in the west.

The entire transit event will be visible from north western North America, the western Pacific, northern Asia, Japan, Korea, eastern China, the Philippines, eastern Australia and New Zeeland.
Main Venue of Observation: Near People Plaza, Necklace Road ,Hyderabad, India

Here is list of Source for various Live Webcast/telecasts Information

1. NASA EDGE, Hawaii Click here

2. NASA TV Click here

3. Mount Wilson Observatory click here
4. Fairbanks Alaska click here

 5. Glenn Research Center click here

6. Alice Springs, Australia click here

7. Norway Click here

8. Much Hoole, Horrocks click here
9. IAO, Hanle, Ladakh click here

10. European Space Agency click here

11. International Space Station Click here
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