LIC Jeevan Saral Plan - Any Time Money (ATM) Plan - Table No. 165

Jeevan Saral by Lic of India

LIC’s Jeevan Saral is a unique plan by Life Insurance Corporation of India having good features of the conventional plans and the flexibility of  unit linked plans. This is a Monthly Recurring Life Insurance Plan by LIC of India where the proposer get 250 times monthly premium + total premium paid + LA if any in case of death. To the policyholder it provides —

  • Higher life cover
  • A smooth return,
  • Liquidity & a lot of flexibility
  • LIC Monthly Recurring type Scheme
  • This is like a Post office or Recurring Deposit Scheme. You can deposit Yearly, Hly, Quarterly or Monthly in LIC scheme
  • Maturity amount received is Tax Free under section 10-10d of income Tax act.
  • Any number of partial withdrawals through partial surrendering after 10 years
  • The amount deposited in LIC is exempted under section 80c of income Tax act.
  • In case of death 250 times monthly premium + Total Premium paid - (1st years premium & Extra premium paid ) + LA if any payable.
Special Features:
  • High life cover at very low premium
  • Extended risk cover for one year after 3 years premium payment.
  • Optional higher cover available through Term Riders
  • The policyholder can choose a maximum term but can surrender at any time
  • without any surrender penalty or loss after 5 years
Premium Mode: You have an option to choose the premium mode MONTHLY ECS / SSS . Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly. There is no single premium payment mode available under this policy.  For monthly premium option you cannot pay by cheque. ECS is compulsory for monthly mode. Quarterly, Half Yearly and yearly premium can be paid through ECS, Cheque or LIC Online premium payment .

Any Time Money ( ATM ) Plan 165 Jeevan Saral By LIC of India.

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