My Wake Up Call alarm clock provides motivational messages

While Gizmag has covered quite a number of alarm clocks in the past, the My Wake Up Call motivating messaging system certainly stands out as a unique way to rise and shine. There is no denying the sincerity and inspiring nature of the messages which the creator/inventor - fitness trainer and former Broadway star Robin Palmer - claims will give listeners a positive outlook, helping to set the tone for the rest of the day. Over a dozen themed messages are available that promise to help listeners reach their goals, from workout inspiration and wealth creation, to weight loss and grief counseling. Presented by wellness experts, the messages are downloaded to smartphones and iPods, or are available on CD.

"I now have a family, with a typical, hectic lifestyle", explains Robin. "I kept wishing for an affordable personal trainer to motivate me to wake up and work out in the morning, before the day's schedule started. I knew the importance of starting my day right, and wanted an inspiring coach to wake me up positively."

The five to ten minute messages are available to purchase in one month (US$19.95) or two month ($29.95) sets of daily messages, to keep each morning's message new and fresh. The whole series of themed messages are available in an annual subscription for $99.95. The My Wake Up Call website also carries an iPod dock or CD alarm clock for $49.95, which includes a month of messages. There is also a free iPhone app on the iTunes Store.

Waking up to a motivational speaker with positive affirmations on issues in your life could be one person's idea of self-help Heaven while another person's (likely your partner next to you) idea of an annoying Hell. Personally, after listening to the samples on the My Wake Up Call website, I must say I think it overly cheerful and optimistic for my self-deprecating tendencies. For many, however, the motivational messages could be exactly what they need.

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