Mumbai cops nab man at ATM with Sachin Tendulkar's debit card

The Mumbai police was taken aback on Tuesday when they caught a man trying to withdraw money using Sachin Tendulkar's debit card.

At an ATM near Bharatmata Cinema a 21-year-old Mahim resident, Shoyeb Doodhwala, tried to withdraw money from HSBC bank ATM. The police became suspicious when he took longer than usual, and were shocked to find that the card belonged to Sachin Tendulkar.

Police are probing whether the card belongs to the batting maestro and how the accused managed to get hold of it. Investigations are on to know whether the accused has procured the data of the card belonging to the batting maestro to make a fake card.

Investigators seized four credit and debit cards of different banks (ING Vyasa, ICICI and Kotak Mahindra), including the card of Sachin, that was found when Doodhwala was frisked. He claims to be a second year junior college student from a western suburban college. "Doodhwala said he got hold of the card from a bus stop in the central suburbs and thought to check it to withdraw money from ATM centres. But we do not believe his claim," said the investigators.

"The name on the Kotak Mahindra card showed Sachin Tendulkar," said Bhoiwada police senior inspector Vikram Patil. "We have sought the bank to provide details whether the card belongs to Sachin or whether the bank has ever issued such a card. We will get in touch with Sachin after we get the bank's report. Meanwhile we are also getting details of whether he filed any complaint for loss of card," Patil said.

When the constables frisked Doodhwala they found four cards and Rs8,640 cash. "Doodhwala claimed that he was in urgent need of money and went to withdraw at the ATM.

Police also found that Doodhwala had a fake driving license. "Initially Doodhwala claimed that he found the card lying at a bus stop. But later he said it is a dummy card that the bank has made and he managed to get hold of it. Probe is on whether he is part of a racket that steals data of the credit and debit cards with the help of skimming machine and uses it to make a fake card," the investigating officer said. Doodhwala has been booked for cheating and forgery.

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