Amitabh Bachchan saddened by ban on 'Aarakshan'

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan is an upset man. The actor, early Friday morning, in his blog expressed dismay and loss of faith in governance after a ban was imposed on his new movie 'Aarakshan' in various states. The movie received cold response from states with Punjab and Andhra Pradesh joining Uttar Pradesh in barring its screening on Friday.

He wrote, "Without any knowledge of what the film contains, without any desire to determine the trust and the most basic principles of law of democracy, it has merely strengthened my and many others' fear of the weakness it conveys of our belief in governance and its ethics."

The actor was disappointed that the Uttar Pradesh government has banned the film for two months citing law and order problem in the state. Questioning the ban, Bachchan said that will law and order not be a problem after two months.

Ban on the film is definitely going to incur losses to both the distributors and exhibitors. Meanwhile, trade sources are saying that the revenue at least to the tune of Rs 15 crore would be lost.

He further said by banning the movie not just the producer but all those who have invested time, blood, tears and money in the film will be at a loss.

Bachchan said that politicians don't really care about the Censor Board. In his blog he wrote, "What is the need then of the Censor Board, a statutory body instituted by you, the legislatures and Parliamentarians that govern this land. You nominate what you believe, to disbelieve what you nominate!! Better to remove it altogether then rather than give it disrespect.

"I do not care and never have cared about the fate of any film of mine, and I never shall. I do not care if this film does well or not, but I shall admit, this film has shown a mirror to the country and to one of its conditions. This film has shown a path that needs to be taken for a better and more secure future of this country. And if god forbid this film fails at the box office, it shall demonstrate to a large extent the failure of the reality in the country, that today it struggles with.

"I shall believe and will always believe in the words that Dr Prabhakar Anand pronounces during the course of this film - Is desh mein do bharat baste hain .. aur sahi mano mein agar hum samaaj mein parivartan chahte hain, toh in dono ke beech ka jo antar hai use mitana padega ... (Two India's reside in this country .. and truthfully if we have to see any progress in our society, then the distance between these must be erased ..)."

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