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Hidden in the concrete jungles of Banjara Hills there is a very beautiful place called the Lotus Pond. Developed jointly by the HUDA and the Builder's Association, this place is a veritable paradise in the middle of the busy city.

The Lotus Pond is a beautiful place with a nice "walkway" around a pond. Nice landscaping and lush green lawns add to the attraction. The park is filled with greenery - plants and trees cover the walkway and the pond itself is filled with fish. You can almost put in your hand and catch millions of them!
Lotus Pond is home to more than 20 species of birds. A few of them are Pied Kingfisher, White Wagtail, Common Moorhen, Little Grebe, sunbirds, Common Coot, and Little Egret. The pond is maintained by the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad(MCH).

The pond was believed to be an eco-preservation project contributing natural components into the concept of this project without troubling the ecosystem and preserving the natural rocks and the pond. The construction of the project was launched on 20 November, 1999. The project was finished in the year 2001.

The pond is home to a good number of species of birds the scientific names of which I am unaware of. I am a man who enjoys simple things of life without needing to complicate them. Anything with wings is a "bird" to me. Onward. Some species of migratory birds also seem to find this place very homely and land here in good numbers during the not so hot winters of Hyderabad. The only bird I can be dead sure of is a very wise and sage-like Kingfisher which sits on the same pole everyday and keeps brooding mysteriously and all the others are just "ducks" or "some birds".
This park+pond is a very good example of a self-sustainable ecosystem with little need for human intervention. The aquatic fowl (nice and technical eh?) feed on the teeming multitude of fish and the fish in turn feed on the underwater plants and lotus leaves and so on down the food chain. You can find a few thatched huts with wooden benches loosely scattered inside the park for the weary-of-leg and the lazy-to-walk.

This place is chock full of "subjects" and would make any photography enthusiast go frothing at the mouth (at least I did). There are great opportunities for wide angle landscapes, tiny macros, good sunset/sunrise reflections, birds on wing shots etc.

Visiting hours:
All days- 06.00 to 10.00 Hours, 16.00 to 20.00 Hours

Lotus Pond Video:

Below are my photography snaps at Lotus Pond: Last Saturday(23/7/2011), I have visited the Lotus Pond.

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