Sachin Tendulkar closer to get Bharat Ratna?

Sachin Tendulkar during the first Test Match(July - 2011) against England at Lord's in London

Sachin Tendulkar is a step closer to getting India's top award. Home ministry has recommended sports be made a category for Bharat Ratna consideration, as told to Time Now.

The home ministry has written to the Prime Minister's Office to include sports as a category in Bharat Ratna. The recommendation will pave way for cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar to be awarded India's highest civilian award.

If awarded, Sachin will become the country's first sportsperson to bag  Bharat Ratna and the clamour has specially grown especially after Sachin helped India lift the World Cup earlier this year.

Tendulkar deserves to get Bharat Ratna, says Deshmukh

Newly-elected president of the Mumbai Cricket Association, Vilasrao Deshmukh, on Friday said that Sachin Tendulkar deserved to get Bharat Ratna and no one would object if the champion cricketer got the country's highest civilian award.

"Sachin deserves Bharat Ratna. Being the president of Mumbai Cricket Association, I would talk to the sports minister, home minister and Prime Minister and request them to change the norms for the award to include sportspersons too in its category of recipients," Deshmukh said.

Deshmukh chaired the first managing committee meeting of the MCA after his election to the president's post at the biennial polls of the association held on July 15. The former Maharashtra CM had vanquished former India captain Dilip Vengsarkar comfortably in a straight contest to succeed another politician, NCP leader Sharad Pawar, as the MCA president.

List of 100 Records of Sachin Tendulkar:Its been 21 years since Sachin Tendulkar stepped in to the International arena of Cricket. Sachin has been breaking cricket records ever since his debut, and will surely break more records in the time to come. Following Sachin Tendulkar records list has been growing ever year, and will grow until he plays.
  1. Record number of matches played – 442 matches
  2. First player to play a record 400 innings
  3. Number of consecutive ODI appearances – 190 matches
  4. Cricket grounds played on – 90 grounds
  5. Highest individual score by a single player – 200*
  6. Most runs in a cricket career – 17,598 runs
  7. Record number of ODI centuries – 46 Centuries
  8. Record number of centuries in ODIs against an opponent – 9 Centuries
  9. Record number of centuries in tournament finals – 6 Centuries
  10. Record number of centuries in all formats against an opponent – 19 centuries
  11. On Sachin’s Debut, he was the second youngest debutant after Aaqib Javed of Pakistan
  12. First player to score 10,000 runs
  13. First player to score 11,000 runs
  14. First player to score 12,000 runs
  15. First player to score 13,000 runs
  16. First player to score 14,000 runs
  17. First player to score 15,000 runs
  18. First player to score 16,000 runs
  19. First player to score 17,000 runs
  20. Only male player to score a double century in ODIs
  21. Tendulkar has scored more than 1,000 runs against every major cricket playing nation
  22. Sachin is the only player to score more than 3000 runs against a single opponent – Sri Lanka and Australia
  23. Holds the record to score more than 1,000 runs in a single calender year. He has done this 7 times so far.
  24. Most number of runs in tournament finals – 1833 runs
  25. Most fours in an innings – 25 against South Africa
  26. Record number of scores above 150  in an innings – 5
  27. Most Half Centuries in ODIs – 93 Half Centuries
  28. Highest number of scores over 50 – 139
  29. Most Man of the Match awards in ODIs – 61
  30. Most Man of the Series awards in ODIs – 19
  31. Most half centuries in world cup matches – 13
  32. Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for the most runs in ODIs in a calendar year – 1894 runs in 1998
  33. Second Fastest to reach 8000 test runs. Record recently broken by Kumar Sangakarra
  34. Fastest to reach 12,000 test runs
  35. Fastest to reach 13,000 test runs
  36. Record centuries in a calendar year – 9 centuries in 1998
  37. Highest partnership for any ODI wicket – 331 runs with Rahul Dravid
  38. Highest partnership for 2nd wicket in ODIs – 331 runs with Rahul Dravid
  39. Highest partnership for 3rd wicket in ODIs – 237* runs with Rahul Dravid
  40. Highest partnership aggregated by a pair – 8227 runs with Sourav Ganguly
  41. Record opening partnership pair – 6609 runs with Sourav Ganguly
  42. Most century partnerships – 26 partnerships with Sourav Ganguly
  43. 4 wickets and Century in the same match – Against Australia in 1998
  44. Sachin Tendulkar has been dismissed a record 3 times on 99 in ODIs
  45. Sachin has been the most dismissed batsman in the 90s in International cricket – 24
  46. Most 200 run partnerships in ODIs – 6
  47. Most century partnerships by an opening pair – 21 with Sourav Ganguly
  48. Record number of runs in a cricket world cup – 673 runs in 2003
  49. Most runs in cricket world cups combined – 1796 runs
  50. Most centuries in International cricket – 94 centuries
  51. Most Test cricket centuries – 48 Centuries
  52. First batsman to complete 31,000 International runs
  53. Most test runs – 13447 runs
  54. Most dismissals in the 90s in ODIs – 17
  55. Most number of Test appearances - 169
  56. Most fours in test cricket – 1734+
  57. Most century partnerships in Tests – 17 with Rahul Dravid
  58. Highest score by an Indian captain – 217 against New Zealand
  59. More than 1000 test runs in a single calendar year – 5 times
  60. Record number of man of the match awards by an Indian in Test matches – 14 times
  61. First batsman to score 50 international centuries
  62. First batsman to score 60 International centuries
  63. Tendulkar holds the record for being the only batsman to score 70 International centuries
  64. Tendulkar holds the record for being the only batsman to score 80 International centuries
  65. Tendulkar holds the record for being the only batsman to score 90 International centuries
  66. Sachin Tendulkar is the only player to have scored century on debut in the Irani trophy, Ranji trophy and Duleep trophy
  67. Most Centuriess in World cup Cricket – 4
  68. Most Half Centuries in World Cup cricket – 17
  69. Most boundaries in International cricket – 3675
  70. Most half centuries in International cricket – 149
  71. Most runs in a single edition of the IPL – 618 runs
  72. Most runs scored in test matches away from home – 7819 runs
  73. Highest overall partnership runs, in all formats combined – 12,400 runs with Sourav Ganguly
  74. Most matches in a career – 606 matches
  75. Sachin Tendulkar has played for a record number of consecutive matches for India – 239 matches
  76. Highest partnership for the 3rd wicket in World Cup – 237 runs with Rahul Dravid
  77. Fastest to reach 10,000 Test runs
  78. Sachin is currently second after Sanath Jayasuriya for the most ODI appearances, soon expected to overtake
  79. Sachin Tendulkar scored 5 centuries before he turned 20
  80. Most fours in ODI cricket – 1927 boundaries
  81. Ranked by Wisden as the Best ODI batsman of all time
  82. Ranked by Wisden as the Second Best Test batsman of all time
  83. Highest Indian last wicket partnership – 133 runs with Zaheer Khan
  84. Most number of Man of the Match awards in World Cup
  85. Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli were involved in a 664 run partnership in Harris Shield game in 1988. A record broken this year
  86. In 1992, Sachin became the first overseas player to play for Yorkshire at the age of 19
  87. Has the least percentage of Man of the Match awards when on the losing side. Out of the 56 times, India has lost 5 times
  88. Sachin has won the Padma Shri, Arjuna Award and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna awards, and he is the only cricketer to receive them all
  89. One of the few batsmen to have Centuries against all Test Playing countries
  90. The first batsman to be given out by a Third Umpire TV reviewal system
  91. Sachin holds the record for being the only player to have 40 wickets and 11000 runs in Test cricket
  92. Sachin holds the record for being the only player to have 150 wickets and 15000 runs in ODI cricket
  93. Sachin Tendulkar holds the best average amongst the batsman who have crossed 10,000 ODI runs
  94. The highest run scorer in the 199 and 2003 cricket world cups
  95. Sachin is the only player to have more than 100, fifty plus scores
  96. The only batsman to have scored more than 2 centuries against all Test playing nations
  97. Sachin has completed his Century by hitting a 6, on four different occasions in test matches, a record shared by Ken Barrington
  98. Only cricketer to have done 10,000 runs, 100 wickets and 100 catches in ODIs
  99. The only player to be in Top 100 of ICC rankings for 10 years
  100. Sachin is the cricketer to have a record number of records.

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Russia launches 'largest telescope ever made'

To look at the Russian RadioAstron spacecraft, which launched from Kazakhstan this Monday, it doesn't seem particularly record-breaking. Its 10-meter (33-foot) antenna is certainly no match for those on earthbound radio telescopes, which can be up to 300 meters (984 feet) across. Once in orbit, however, its signal will join forces with those from ground-based telescopes to form one giant virtual telescope. Using a process known as interferometry, they will form the equivalent of a single radio telescope dish that at over 350,000 kilometers (217,480 miles) across is almost 30 times wider than the Earth. Although it's not actually one physical object, it is nonetheless being heralded as the largest telescope ever created.
itself is nothing new, having been around since the 1960s. Very basically speaking, it involves combining the output of two or more geographically-separated telescopes to obtain one image with a resolution higher than either telescope could achieve on its own.
While radio telescopes have been sent into space for this purpose before, the plan is for RadioAstron's oval-shaped orbit to take it up to ten times farther than any of those other spacecraft have traveled, at 10,000 to 390,000 kilometers (6,214 to 242,335 miles) from Earth. Working with telescopes in locations such as West Virginia, Germany and Puerto Rico, it should be able to capture details at 10,000 times the resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope.
Plans for its use include the observation of a huge black hole at the center of a nearby galaxy, M87.

Russia's recently-launched RadioAstron spacecraft is intended to become part of the largest telescope ever created (Image: Russian Space Agency)

Although already launched, it will still be a few months before the spacecraft reaches the starting point of its orbit, and then goes through a check-out period with its ground control team at Russia's Lebedev Physical Institute Astro Space Center. Once it starts receiving and transmitting data ... well, there will be a lot of it. It's estimated that RadioAstron will be taking in up to 144 megabits per second, which will be continuously relayed to the ground.
So far, however, there is only one 22-meter (72-foot) dish set up to receive that data, near Moscow. This means that much of the data will simply be lost. It is hoped that throughout RadioAstron's five-year mission, more receiving stations can be set up.

Source: New Scientist

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