If you do not brush your teeth, you can die!

If you regularly brushing and flossing, you can save your life. To such an unexpected conclusion scientists. Although the fact that gingival condition directly related to the state of the cardiovascular system, experts have long suspected, confirmation of these conjectures were first obtained.

Experts from Bristol University say that's all my fault protection mechanism of the human body from germs. When the patient's gums bleed, bacteria enter the bloodstream. In response, the formation of clots tromobotsitov, which should prevent the spread of harmful germs. However, there is this process and the other side - platelets clog blood vessels, causing them to extinction.

The head of the research team, Professor Howard Jenkinson said: "Such an arrangement perfectly protects from bacteria and provides immunity." However, according to a scientist, a large number of blood clots can cause growths on the vessels, their inflammation and thus block access of blood to the heart and brain.

Speaking at the autumn conference of the Central Society for Microbiology, held in Nottingham, Professor noted that the only escape from such risks may become a regular oral health care.

Of course, the conclusions of professors were not unfounded. The expert team under his leadership has used the model of blood flow, developed at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. It fully emulates the human body. Harmful bacteria have been placed in this artificial blood.

Streptococci, monitored by scientists, who live on the teeth of any person. It is they who are guilty of gum disease and plaque formation.
Recall that the scientists from University College London, earlier confirmed the conclusion of his colleagues that the people who rarely brush their teeth, often suffer from heart disease than those who jealously watching oral hygiene.

The study, which lasted eight years, experts have analyzed the medical records of more than 11,000 people under the age of 50 years. Experiment participants were asked how often they visit the dentist and brushing their teeth.

In the study took into account such factors adversely affecting the heart, as obesity and smoking. But in most cases of serious heart problems, who observed the scientists, the crucial role is played by attitude towards oral health.

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